Mr. Trần Thanh Nam (Session2)

Mr. Trần Thanh Nam (Session2)


Speaker: Trần Thanh Nam

Tile: CEO/Co-Founder

Organization: Moca Technology and Services Corporation


Developing intermediary payment services to promote retail banking services


Nam Tran is co-founder & CEO of Moca, a pioneering mobile payment startup. Moca is a licensed payment service provider that has partnered with a dozen leading banks, including ACB, BIDV, Sacombank, Vietcombank,Vietinbank, VPBank. Its patented products pioneered the increasingly popular QR code mobile payment method and Moca have gained acceptance at large merchants such as McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Vietnam Airlines as well as micro retailers, and most recently Grab. Before Moca, Nam worked as Deputy CEO, Head of Division at Maritime Bank, co-founded Mobivi – the first e- wallet in Vietnam, and worked as a Program Manager at Microsoft in Redmond, USA. Nam did his PhD at Monash University, Australia.


In everyday life, the most frequent natural banking need of the consumers is payment. Consequently, banks need to provide excellent e-payment services to become a significant component in the digital ecosystem of the modern consumers. In a typical consumer retail market, it is difficult for a bank to serve the payment need of the whole market very well – because the buyer and the seller usually use different banks. As a result, intermediary payment services are an important part contributing to the growth of retail banking services. The partnership between banks and large payment networks such as Visa, Mastercard globally, and Napas in Vietnam, and e-payment fintech like Moca, are delivering increasingly positive values to help banks better meet the payment need of the modern consumers.