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Established on December 21, 1991, Sacombank is now one of the Top 5 banks in Vietnam with the strategy of becoming the leading modern universal retail bank in the region in which focusing on safety, efficiency and sustainability. Sacombank’s chartered capital is over VND 18,852 billion. 

Sacombank has advantages of operation network with 566 transaction points in 48/63 provinces in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. 

Sacombank is deploying more than 250 credit card products, deposits, loans, services, foreign exchange… for all individual customers and businesses. Especially, the system of issuing and managing international standard cards and e-banking system with many advanced optimization utilities are being considered as one of the most advanced in Vietnam. In addition, Sacombank is also continuously implementing preferential loan packages, connecting banks and enterprises in order to contribute to stabilizing the market, meeting the demand for capital for business development, import-export and consumption needs. 

Sacombank is particularly committed to cooperating with partners in various fields such as insurance, real estate, telecommunications, education, health, food, transport, agriculture… to develop specialized product lines in order to exploit the potential of retail market in Vietnam. 


During several last years, catching the technical trend in selling as well as serving customer, Sacombank is processing breakthrough technical products/services in sale and service. It is make quickly, convenient for customer: 

  • Website online register: consulting online, payment online, loan online… 
  • Smart queue: transaction flow project – classify, identify customer, reducing serving time, supporting customer quickly 
  • QR Code/Contactless: payment comfortable with smartphone, supporting for payment trigger, comfortable with only using smartphone  
  • CRM: customer relationship management, Sale management and Sale Process management 
  • LOS: digitizing Credit procedure  
  • App mCard, mMerchant: controlling card services active and security 
  • mobiPos and Poscontactless: supply for utilities and payment quickly 
  • API, Webservice: Domestic and International payment database will be secured better  
  • Internet Banking & Mobile Banking 
  • Deployment products/services via online channel 
  • Diversifying ecosystem, cooperation strongly with fin tech 
  • Login without password by biometrics 
  • Security with digital signature, inter App 



Last time, Sacombank signed and executed successfully priority technical projects for supporting business better, example: CRM (Customer Relation Management), LOS (Loan Origination System). 

  1. CRM 

In the past, Customer information was stored in different system, so they have not exploited thoroughly yet. With CRM: 

  • Managing customer relation, information convergently 
  • Managing progress in pre – during – after sale 
  • Hybris Marketing supports for segmentation, promotion, cross-selling (next best offer) 
  • 360-degree view support following customer’s transaction and interaction process 
  • Service request support for take care, solve quickly service request or complaint from Customer 
  • Analytics process reports for following every actions/ process 

Customers is spent experience superior features helps reducing transaction time and getting better care 

  • Identify Customer with inputting information or using QR code for getting numbers 
  • Classify type of transactions for supporting Customer faster 
  • Priority for executing with Wealth, VIP, Special Customer (oldster, pregnant, disabilities person), booking online customers 
  • Feedback immediately about teller is serving (satisfy or not and Why) 
  1. LOS 

Specializing in credit-related work helps process credit allocation to customers quickly