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Hyperlogy was founded in 2003. From the beginning, our company has put an emphasis on the quality of our staffs. Over 93% of our employees have obtained bachelor of higher degree, over 80% of our staffs have gained at least one certificate from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco, CheckPoint, VMWARE,… and most of them can speak at least two languages.

We focus on software development, system integration and managed service. To help our customers in making the most usages of our products, we offer a variety of technical support, custom development. Our professional services team is backed by comprehensive product knowledge and years of consulting experience for many large companies.

Our products and services conform to Information Security Management System standards – ISO 27001, certified by TUV NORD.


Digitization in the banking industry has become an indispensable trend for the development of banks in new era due to effects of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

With the aim of helping banks keep up with trends, increase revenue (Identify customers to increase the opportunities of Cross-sell, Upsell), reduce costs, as well as meeting the needs of customers who are concerned about digitization and technology, Hyperlogy has provided a chain of technology service solutions, advanced utilities for the overall, digital banking ecosystem:

  • SMART eKYC – A Solution helps banks to Identify Customer 360 (KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER 360); Increases by more than 50% of labor productivity; Reduces transaction time to only 1 minuter;
  • BANK Internet Check-in-Providing online banking services for customers;
  • Mobile eKYC – Applying Biometrics Authentication on Mobile – Supporting banks to enhance customer experience.

In addition, Hyperlogy also wants to introduce SMART FORM – A Multi-channel product for retail banking that helps bank;

  • Reduce over 80% of transaction time at the counter
  • Support Bank Internet Check-in
  • Connect to core banking services, value-added services and fintech
  • Enhanced sell service package
  • Support RM to increase sales
  • Supply centralized data helping banks release reports quickly and conveniently

SMART FORM and SMART eKYC is a component of the SMART Bank X ecosystem which the overall Digital Banking Transformation solution researched and developed by Hyperlogy Corporation.

Latest news

SMART FORM Solution has been officially deployed in all branches and transaction offices of Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank (MB) and An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank (ABBANK).

SMART FORM helps banks improve, automate the registration process, reduce time at the counter by more than 80% the registration time in the process of opening accounts, cards, Internet banking and SMS banking at the counters reduce to only 3 minutes. Consultants can work with clients remotely and perform online service registration. 

In addition to the traditional trading channel, MB has also applied online transactions on the Internet supporting electronic signatures.

In the future, Hyperlogy will continue to cooperate with banks to build features in the Enterprise Business and advanced utilities.